David Wood & DWA Energy Limited


We offer specialist advice, evaluation, analysis and training on the following topics:

Asset Portfolio Modeling, Optimization and Management Integrating Risk and Strategic Issues

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - see recent publications and downloads

Energy Project Expert Opinions including Technical and Commercial Evaluations

Energy Geopolitics & Negotiations

Alternative and Renewable Energies

Corporate Strategic Planning & Change Management

Cost Analysis, Control and Budgeting

Gas Production and Supply Economics - see recent publications and downloads

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Technologies, Economics and Contracts

Non-conventional Gas: Shale Gas, Coal Bed Methane and Hydrates

Gas to Liquids (GTL): Technologies and Economics

Underground Gas Storage (UGS) and Transportation

General Numerical Modelling  including Simulation and Optimization Techniques

International Country and Basin Assessments

International Oil & Gas Contracts, Licensing & Fiscal Designs - see recent publications and downloads

Key Performance Indicators & Performance Optimization

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Negotiation Issues & Analysis

Project Economic Analysis & Valuation

Project Planning Using Simulation

Research on Industry Statistics and Specific Companies or groups of companies

Risk & Opportunity Analysis - Integrating Community, Environmental, Fiscal and Political issues as required

Statistical Analysis of Performance Data - see recent publications and downloads

Strategic & New Venture Analysis

We also provide our clients with the option to combine consulting projects with  relevant training, if they wish.   For example, a consulting assignment performed at a location of the client’s choice focused on portfolio modeling could be integrated with a  short training session addressing modern portfolio evaluation and management techniques.

Our consulting projects frequently require deliverables that include professionally formatted reports and presentations incorporating quality computer-drafted diagrams, graphics and images, both original and drawn from our vast archive of training & modeling materials.

David Wood collaborates on an associate basis with a number of experienced independent consultants in the UK and internationally.  These consultants have long experience and skills in the upstream, midstream and downstream energy industry sectors with technical and commercial backgrounds.

Contact us for further details at:
e-mail: info@dwasolutions.com