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Have you considered independent energy industry general or specialist training courses delivered in-house that address all sections of international energy supply chains & their associated functions?  What about distance learning?                          

Our Specialist In-house Training Courses Offered to the Petroleum & Energy Industry: 

The following diagram outlines specialist topics for which our trainers have the necessary skills, experience and up-to-date materials to deliver effective introduction and higher-level courses. Our trainers have expertise and are actively consulting in these topic areas.


Duration of specialist classroom courses varies between 1 and 5 days. Distance learning options vary in duration and structure.

Our focus is to provide professional and flexible training to all sectors of the energy industry.

Industry Overview Courses

We say with confidence that training is one of the keys to your future, both as an organization and for the continued development of your staff. Never is broad industry training more important than when staff first join your organization. Of course, it is crucial to provide new staff, or those transferring into new business sectors, with induction training to introduce them to your organization's way of operating and doing business. However, an independent and comprehensive overview of the industry's structure, development and prevailing issues addressing the key functions and drivers of specific sectors is no less important. It is for this reason that we offer industry overview training under the general titles "Overview of the Energy Industry" and "Overview of the Petroleum Industry".

The content of such training courses can be varied to suit specific needs, for example:

1. Short courses (1 to 5 days) with a technical focus 

2. Short courses (1 to 5 days) with a financial and commercial focus 

3. Non-technical and non-financial for administration & support staff 

4. Combined versions integrating technical, financial and commercial information

Whichever option is selected the courses can cover all facets of the energy supply chains. They will do so with high quality visual information. An example of the type of images used is shown below.

Training style: 

All our courses are interactive involving comprehensive up-to-date and highly visual PowerPoint presentations, group exercises, videos and case studies.

Issues addressed in Overview of the Energy Industry:

* Fundamentals - What is energy? and how do we use it?

* Fossil Fuels - coal, oil and gas

* Nuclear

* Hydro and Renewables

* Electricity and Power

* Transportation (Fuels & Engines)

* Environment and Emissions

* Energy Economics

* Regulation and Taxation

* Sustainable Futures


Issues addressed in Petroleum Overview Courses: 

* Oil and gas supply chains

* Origin and distribution of oil and gas 

* Exploration and production licences and contracts

* Finding, developing and producing petroleum 

* Defining and categorizing petroleum reserves 

* Project planning, operating and control 

* Transportation options: tankers, pipelines, etc.

* Safety, environment and decommissioning

* Economic and risked valuation techniques 

* Geopolitics and other above-ground risks 

* Funding and financing options 

* Corporate performance and benchmarking 

* Gas supply options: pipelines; liquefied natural gas

* Gas to power and gas to liquids 

* Refinery processes, products and their markets

* Crude and product compositions and values

* Petrochemical processes, feedstocks and markets 

* Overview of the energy markets 

* Trading physicals, forwards, futures, swaps & options 

* Retail and wholesale petroleum product markets

* Retail fuel markets, trends and brand management 

* Convenience stores and loyalty schemes

* Sustainability, renewable and alternative energies

Why select us?

Our trainers have many years experience in preparing and delivering a wide range of training programmes pitched at diverse international audiences of mixed backgrounds from clerical assistants, professional engineers and MBA graduates to senior executives.

We also work in technical, commercial, corporate and consulting roles within major, independent, governmental and service petroleum organizations enabling them to empathize with the current issues facing different industry sectors.

Because we offer a range of consulting services to the international industry we are continuously updating their skills, knowledge and experience which they will share (subject to confidentiality issues) with course delegates. We also believe that quality of our visual presentation material and interactive training techniques are second to none.

Flexibility, versatility and an in-depth knowledge of our industry are our key attributes. We are prepared to discuss and adapt our programmes to meet your needs and deliver courses that exceed your expectations.

Professional interfacing is crucial to ensure we deliver what you want. You will deal directly with the course deliverers to discuss detailed course content, not with intermediaries that do not fully understand either the industry or the details of the courses.

For additional information see also our training services page.

Unlock your staffs' potential by contacting us for further details at:

e-mail: info@dwasolutions.com