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We offer training on a diverse range of technical and commercial energy topics.  Although we specialise in oil and gas, we have experience and material covering most other sectors.  This material is up-to-date, well researched and delivered by experienced presenters that encourage an inter-active approach with PowerPoint lectures supplemented extensively by workshops, exercises, videos, case studies and discussions to optimize delegate participation and learning.

We develop and present public, open courses for several of the primary UK and international oil and gas training organizations, and have done so for the past 13 years.  In addition, on an independent basis, we have designed and delivered courses tailored to the specific needs of major and independent international operators, national oil companies and energy utilities.

We are prepared to cater for small groups and individuals and deliver flexible courses at mutually acceptable locations.  We are used to delivering to multi-disciplined audiences with varying levels of experience.  Alternatively, we can structure our course contents specifically towards technical, financial, or corporate audiences if desired.

Our energy courses address all sectors of the industry and our petroleum courses range from upstream through midstream and refining to downstream fuel retailing, trading and hedging. They include classroom and distance learning options.

Topics for which we hold extensive presentation and learning materials include:

* Energy Industry Overview (Fossil Fuels, Nuclear, Coal, Hydro, Renewables, Electricity, Transport)

* Petroleum Industry Fundamentals and Induction (Upstream through to Fuel Retail Markets) 

* Risk & Opportunity Analysis, Sensitivity & Simulation Modeling

* Global Oil & Gas Supply, Demand and Reserves Trends

* Strategic Portfolio Modeling, Optimization, Valuation and Management

* Enterprise Risk Management

* Technical, Business & Political Risk & Opportunity Assessment & Management

* Geopolitics and the Petroleum Industry

* Reserves Categories and Classifications: Interpreting SEC (US GAAP), SPE and Other Methodologies 

* Upstream Fiscal Design, Terms, Licensing, Contracts, Unitization,  Competitive Bidding & New Ventures

* Floating and Subsea Oil and Gas Technologies and Installations

* Upstream Geophysical, Drilling and Production Technologies

* Negotiation & Modeling of International Fiscal Terms

* Project Direction, Planning, Management & Cost-Time Simulation

* International Gas, LNG, GTL and Gas Storage Fundamentals and Economics

* Non-conventional Gas and Oil

* Renewable and Alternative Energies

* Systematic Integration of Above-ground and Below-ground Risks & Opportunities 

* Strategic Negotiating, Decision Making & Problem Solving

* Real Options: Applications and Pitfalls

* Cost Management, Budgeting, Estimating & Planning

* Basin Analysis and Field Development Strategies

* Application and Impact Assessments for New Technologies

* Deepwater Provinces and Technologies

* Safety and Environmental Management Systems & Risk Assessment from an E&P Management Perspective

* Strategic E&P Business Planning and Change Processes

* Equity, Debt & Hedged E&P Financing Structures

* Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments - Market Analysis & Valuations

* Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in the Oil & Gas Industry

* Introduction to Petroleum Transportation and Pipelining

* Refinery Processes and Products

* Introduction to the Fuel Retail Markets

* Overview of the Energy Markets: Trading Physicals, Forwards, Futures, Swaps and Options

* Hedging Strategies to Manage Price Risk

* Building Business Models with Spreadsheets Driven by VBA Macros  

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David Wood & DWA Energy Limited also deliver a range of short (1-day to 4-day) public courses for the Energy Institute (London),  International Faculty of Energy (IFE), and the Oxford Princeton Group. David Wood has also developed three twelve-week online training courses for IBC Global Academy and two modules for a two-year distance learning Oil & Gas MBA at a University.

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David Wood & DWA Energy Limited are also involved in delivering and developing a range of distance learning and online training including 12-week courses, oil and gas MBA's and projects tailored to individual needs. Please review these offerings on the Distance Learning page. 

David Wood & DWA Energy Limited deliver public courses in London for International Faculty of Energy (IFE) on Business Development (Oil & Gas), Understanding Energy, Natural Gas Storage, Renewable and Alternative Energy and a 5-day Oil & Gas Mini-MBA.