David Wood & DWA Energy Limited


For more than twenty-five years David Wood has conducted leading edge, applied research and published a vast body of work on a diverse range of technical, economic, risk and management topics relevant to the oil and gas industry.  This is in addition to working as a senior manager / director at the corporate and operational levels in the industry for many years, plus a long-term commitment to teaching and training. 

David welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other researchers or provide analytical research for organizations on funded research projects with broad relevance to developments in the industry and business management and modeling specifically.  Some current topics of interests, forming part of research in progress are divided into two categories:

1. General Industry Interest

* Strategic objectives, trends and performance of large and mid-sized oil and gas companies, and relating this to acquisition and divestment decisions for their asset portfolios

* Global and regional supply, demand, price fundamentals and trends for oil, gas, gas storage, GTL, LNG and non-conventional petroleum

* Renewable energy trends, technology developments and financing structures

2. Specific Modeling & Analytical Techniques

* Holistic approaches to risk and opportunity analysis incorporating environmental and community impacts

* Optimization algorithms and their applications to multi-criteria decision making

* Transparent Spreadsheet analysis of international oil and gas fiscal terms with VBA macros if required.

* Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - see recent publications for downloading

* Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Gas to Liquids (GTL) and pipeline gas supply and demand - see recent publications for downloading

* Real options simulation - applications and pitfalls for decision analysis

* Possibility theory and fuzzy logic applications to quantify the  "difficult-to-quantify" risk events in risked economic analysis

*Applications of evolutionary, non-linear  and linear optimization algorithms to strategic asset portfolio management

A central theme to this second category of technical research is numerical modeling.  In the past few years David has published several comprehensive articles associated with applying simulation techniques to risked economic analysis, strategic portfolio modeling, project planning and economic analysis of fiscal terms.

David's portfolio modeling work, for example, has developed a range of innovative evaluation techniques that have identified how the feasible envelope, efficient frontier optimization (simplex and genetic optimization algorithms) and strategic windows can be used as tools to improve the performance of a portfolio of E&P assets.  Perhaps most importantly the work shows that individuals can build and understand many of the techniques required from functional models using spreadsheets and VBA macros.  This understanding and transparency are often not easy to acquire from models based upon proprietary software. 

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