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Publications: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Technical & Commercial Analysis

Articles published by David Wood and co-authors in this field are listed below in reverse chronological order. See "Publications" page for articles in other fields and for downloads of selected articles.

Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, 2015. Process simulation and optimization play key roles in LNG plant design (Introduction to Special Issue), v.27 (1), p.1. (Jaleel Valappil & David Wood)

World Oil, 2014 (September) Global LNG Report. The good, the bad and the over-budget (David Wood)

Handbook of Liquefied Natural Gas, 2013 (October) First Edition. Gulf Professional Publishing (Elsevier) 624 pages (Saeid Mokhatab, John Y. Mak, Jaleel V. Valappil, David A. Wood). ISBN 978-0-12-404585-9. https://www.elsevier.com/books/handbook-of-liquefied-natural-gas/mokhatab/978-0-12-404585-9

World Oil, 2013 (September) Global LNG Report. LNG markets continue to diversify and innovate (David Wood)

Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, 2012 (November). A Review and Outlook for the Global LNG Trade, p.16-27 (David Wood, published online by JNGSE 27 June 2012) - see downloads page.

World Oil, 2012 (October) Global LNG Report, Part 2. LNG supply rising through expansions in Qatar and Australia and exports from North America shale (David Wood)

World Oil, 2012 (September) Global LNG Report, Part 1. LNG demonstrates market power and versatility (David Wood)

Oil, Gas Law Intelligence (OGEL), 2012 (March). Maintaining Momentum in Northern Australia's LNG Projects faces Formidable CSR Challenges, 32 pages Volume 10, Issue 3 (Daniel T.B. Leather & David Wood) - see downloads page.

World Oil, 2011 (February). Global LNG Report: LNG Industry Proves to be Resilient & Flexible (David Wood)

World Oil, 2011 (January). Successful realization of gas liquefaction projects in Southeast Asia (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab)

World Oil, 2010 (February). Global LNG Report: Substantial future LNG supply secured (David Wood)

E&P (Harts), 2009 (May). Floating Gas Liquefaction; Competing Technologies Make Progress (David Wood)

World Oil, 2009 (February). Uncertain Supply and Demand Outlook for LNG (David Wood)

Hydrocarbon Processing, 2009 (March). What are the Opportunities to Construct Liquefaction Facilities at the Arctic Circle (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab)

Energy Tribune, 2008 (October). Liquefied Gas Floating Higher in the Water, p. 30-32 (David Wood)

World Oil, 2008 (October). Commercial Breakthroughs in LNG Technology [offshore liquefaction], p. 135-140 (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab)

Energia, 2008 (September). Piu Difficile Finanziare I Progetti GNL, p. 52 -58 (David Wood)

Energy Tribune, 2008 (June). Australasia's Gas Liquefaction Plans, p. 32-34 (David Wood)

Proceedings of 87th Annual Convention of the Gas Processors Association (GPA) 2008 (November). Presented 2-5 March 2008, Grapevine, Texas. Diverse LNG Pricing Arrangements in Major Gas Consuming Markets (David Wood, Saeid Mokhatab and Michael J. Economides)

World Oil, 2008 (February). Competition for Tight LNG Heats Up, p.123 - 127 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2008 (February 25). Lenders Likely to Tighten LNG Project Financing, p.20-24 (David Wood)

Energy Institute, IP Week 2008 (February). Evolving Trends in European LNG Market (David Wood & Bill Pyke)

Energy Tribune, 2007 (December). Japan's LNG Prices: Trending Upwards, p. 29-31 (David Wood)

Society of Petroleum Engineers (Paper Number 109522-MS). SPE Projects, Facilities & Construction Journal, 2007 (December) presented at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, (11-14 November 2007), Anaheim, California, U.S.A. Offshore Natural Gas Liquefaction Process Selection and Development Issues (David Wood, Saeid Mokhatab and Michael J. Economides)

ROGTEC, 2007 (October). Is the LNG Supply Chain Safe & Environmentally Friendly, p. 96-104 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2007 (October 8). LNG Trade-Conclusion: Spark Spread Trends Allow Analysis of LNG Consumers, p.72 - 76 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2007 (October 1). LNG Trade-1. Domestic Gas Statistics Shape LNG Policies, p.60 - 66 (David Wood)

World Oil, 2007 (October). Global LNG Report: Profitable Year So Far, But Cost and Supply Challenges Confront Suppliers, p. 129-133 (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab).

Hydrocarbon Processing, 2007 (July). North American Natural Gas Market & Infrastructure, Vol. 86, No.7, p. 57 -62 (David Wood)

ROGTEC, 2007 (May). SWOT Analysis of the International LNG Industry in Early 2007, p. 90-104 (David Wood)

ROGTEC, 2007 (May). LNG Supply Chains Require Careful Strategic Planning, p. 82-88 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal 2007 (May 28) Could a Future gas OPEC Shape LNG Import Plans Vol. 105, Issue 20, p.22-34 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2007 (May 7). LNG Trade-Conclusion: Supply Diversity Cuts Risk Exposure, p.65 - 69 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2007 (April 16). LNG Trade-1: US Gas Supply Security Requires Diversity, p.57 - 62 (David Wood)

World Oil, 2007 (April). Breaking the Offshore LNG Stalemate, p. 139-148 (Saeid Mokhatab & David Wood)

LNG Journal, 2007 (February). Natural Gas Interchangeability in Focus as Sources of LNG Widen, p.14-18 (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab)

World Oil, 2007 (February). Global LNG Report: Broadening LNG Market Presents Opportunities, Challenges, p. 133-138 (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab)

Petroleum Review, 2007 (January). North America LNG: Expanding Infrastructure Facilitates Import Growth, p. 30-32+44 (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab)

ROGTEC, 2007 (January). Barents Sea Gas Liquefaction Approaches Reality at Snohvit - Innovation at a Price, p. 18-28 (David Wood)

LNG Special Report, 2007 (January). LNG Importation is Growing Rapidly in USA and Europe: But Is It a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Supply Chain? LNG Special Report. (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab).

ROGTEC, 2006 (December). Natural Gas Quality Interchangeability Increasingly a Fact of Doing Business in International LNG Trading, p. 62-64. (David Wood)

LNG Journal, 2006 (November). LNG Liquefaction Ventures Offshore Require Contract Initiatives to Progress, p.16-21 (David Wood & Saeid Mokhatab)

Petroleum Technology Quarterly, 2006 (Quarter 4). SWOT Analysis of the LNG Industry, Vol. 11, No. 5, p. 139-145 (David Wood)

LNG Industry, 2006 (Autumn). LNG Security Issues,  Vol. 11, No. 11, p. 79-82 (Saeid Mokhatab & David Wood)

LNG Journal, 2006 (September). LNG Trading Strategies Require Diverse Approaches from Buyers and Sellers, p. 12-15 (Saeid Mokhatab & David Wood)

Hydrocarbon Processing, 2006 (July). Natural Gas and LNG Trade A Global Perspective, Special report on LNG and GTL Developments, Vol. 85, No. 7, p. 39-45 (Michael Economides & David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2005 (Feb 14). LNG Risk Profile-2. Where we are going: SWOT analysis aids risk assessment, p.54-58 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2005 (Jan 24). LNG Risk Profile-1. Where we are: Relationships, contracts evolve along supply chain, p.54-59 (David Wood)

Petroleum Review, 2004 (February). LNG's share of global gas market to soar p.38-40 (David Wood)

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