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Publications: Energy Geopolitics

Articles published by David Wood and co-authors in this field are listed below in reverse chronological order. See "Publications" page for articles in other fields and for downloads of selected articles.

Oil & Gas Journal, 2009 (Feb 9). Integrating High-level Upstream Opportunity & Risk Analysis with Global Perspectives p.20-26 (David Wood)

Energy & Environment, 2009 (March) Asian versus Global Strategies for Energy Fairness and Reduced Carbon Footprint - the promise of the CDM , Vol. 20, No.3, p.387-398  (David Wood, Jagdish Giri and Saeid Mokhatab)

Middle East & North Africa Outlook, Special Supplement to World Oil 2008 (August). Iran - Unprecedented Oil Prices Fail to Mask Uncertain Future, p.15-16 (David Wood & A.F. Alhajji)

Middle East & North Africa Outlook, Special Supplement to World Oil 2008 (August). Iraq - Production Trending Up but Provincial Disputes Hinder Long-term Development, p.15-16 (David Wood & A.F. Alhajji)

Energy Tribune 2008 (April). Reliable Gas? Not for Iran, Turkey, Europe, p.30-31 (David Wood)

Energy Tribune 2008 (February). Gasprom Goes to Libya, Putin Goes to Gazprom? p.14-15 (David Wood)

Energy Tribune 2007 (October). The NOCs [National Oil Companies] and Natural Gas: Who's Doing the Best? p.16-17 (David Wood)

Energy Tribune 2007 (August). Russia's Gas Power Play [South Stream] p.12-13 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal 2007 (May 28). Could a Future gas OPEC Shape LNG Import Plans Vol. 105, Issue 20, p.22-34 (David Wood)

Hydrocarbon Processing, 2007 (May). Energy balances and climate change —hard choices for Asia (David Wood, Jagdish P. N. Giri & Saeid Mokhatab)

Oil & Gas Journal 2007 (Feb 19). Russia’s drive for power -2: Gazprom controls gas exports to Europe, Asia (Part 2 of 2) Vol. 105, Issue 7, p.18-24 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal 2007 (Feb 12). Russia seeks global influence by exploiting energy geopolitics (Part 1 of 2) Vol. 105, Issue 6, p.20-24 (David Wood)

Atoms for Peace (2007). Iran's Strong Case for Nuclear Power is Obscured by UN Sanctions & Geopolitics, Vol.1 No.4. p.287-300 (David Wood)

Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence - OGEL, 2007 (January). Iran’s Geopolitics Obscures a Strong Case for Nuclear Power Based on its Long-term Oil & Gas Capabilities. (available online).

Energy Tribune, 2006 (December). Iran Stuck in Neutral: Energy Geopolitics Hinder Iran’s Oil and Gas Industry Development, (by David Wood & Michael Economides)

Petroleum Review, 2004 (March). Niger Delta: Marginal field initiative raises political tensions p.42-47 (David Wood)

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