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Publications: Oil & Gas Fiscal Designs, Terms & Contract Negotiations

Articles published by David Wood and co-authors in this field are listed below in reverse chronological order. See "Publications" page for articles in other fields and for downloads of selected articles.

Since April 2008 David Wood has provided the Alaska State Legislature (Legislative Budget & Audit Committee) with detailed advice on international fiscal designs for natural gas and models of the prevailing gas fiscal terms in Alaska.  His initial work was presented formally in Alaska in December 2008 and a detailed preliminary report issued.  The full report is available as a public document.  The summary and conclusions and other selected sections are included on the "Downloads" page of this site.  To download the full report go to:

http://lba.legis.state.ak.us/     then from the list on the left click on "Gasoline & Tax Issues: 2004 -2010" select "Oil and Gas Fiscal Design" then click on "Document Log" which reveals a list of more than 30 documents making up the full report and associated presentations.

Upstream Petroleum Fiscal and Valuation Modeling in Excel. A Worked Example Approach (March, 2013) John Wiley & Sons Limited (Wiley Finance) 370 pages plus DVD containing models (Ken Kasriel and David Wood). ISBN: 978-0-470-68682-9.


Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2014 (May) Calibrating an economic limit test to maximize net present value, conference paper SPE#169875 delivered at the SPE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation Symposium, 19-20 May 2014, Houston, Texas  (Ken Kasriel and David Wood).

Oil & Gas Journal, 2012 (Mar 5) Method helps operators determine best times to shut down projects, p.66 -74 (Ken Kasriel & David Wood)

OGJ Online Research Centre, 2012 (January) Knowing When to Quit: Timing Petroleum Field Abandonment Decisions to Optimize Net Present Value (Ken Kasriel & David Wood) (15,000 word report available for purchase at http://ogjresearch.stores.yahoo.net/oil-gas-finance-investing-risk-analysis.html )

Oil & Gas Journal, 2009 (June 1) Alaska tax reform: gas raises questions (Part 2 of 2), p.20-24. (Dan E. Dickinson David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2009 (May 25) Alaska tax reform: intent met with oil (Part 1 of 2), p.20-26. (Dan E. Dickinson David Wood) - (download draft version)

Petroleum Review, 2005 (April). Long-term fiscal, contractual stability proves elusive (part 2) p.44-48 (David Wood)

Petroleum Review, 2005 (February) Long-term fiscal, contractual stability proves elusive (part 1) p.38-42.(David Wood)

Petroleum Review, 2003 (January) Nigeria: Evolution and economic performance of production sharing terms p.36-40.(David Wood)

Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal, 1994 (Vol. 13, No.2).  Economic Performance of Rate of Return Driven E&P Contracts. (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 1990 (Nov 5).  Appraisal of 20 Global Exploration Contracts Locates Variables that Affect Profit Levels. (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 1990 (Oct 29) Appraisal of Economic Performance of Global Exploration Contracts. (David Wood)


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