David Wood & DWA Energy Limited

Publications: Enterprise Risk, Corporate Strategy & Performance

Articles published by David Wood and co-authors in this field are listed below in reverse chronological order. See "Publications" page for articles in other fields and for downloads of selected articles.

Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence (OGEL), 2011 (December). Enterprise Risk Management: Is the oil and gas industry adequately handling exposure to extreme risks? volume 9, Issue 6 Article 35 (David Wood)

Petroleum Review, 2011 (September) Back to 3BL (Triple Bottom Line) basics: corporate social responsibility (CSR) in danger of being misused by some oil and gas companies for public relations purposes p.30-32 (David Wood)

Energy & Environment, 2009 (March) Asian versus Global Strategies for Energy Fairness and Reduced Carbon Footprint - the promise of the CDM , Vol. 20, No.3, p.387-398  (David Wood, Jagdish Giri and Saeid Mokhatab)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2005 (Mar 28). Implementing ERM - 2: The link with risk management, p.20 - 26 (David Wood & Scott Randall)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2005 (Mar 21). Implementing ERM - 1:The importance of perspective, p.18 - 23 (David Wood & Scott Randall)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2004 (Nov 15). Implementing enterprise risk management (ERM) requires integrated approach, p.28 - 30 (by: David Wood & Scott Randall).

Petroleum Review, 2004 (July) Company results: What a performance p.32-36 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal Executive Report, 2001. Evaluating Negotiations (David Wood)


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