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Publications: Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis

Articles published by David Wood and co-authors in this field are listed below in reverse chronological order. See "Publications" page for articles in other fields and for downloads of selected articles.

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering (2016). Supplier Selection for Development of Petroleum Industry Facilities, Applying Multi-criteria Decision Making Techniques Including Fuzzy and Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS with Flexible Entropy Weighting, v.28, p.594-612 (David Wood)

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering (2015). Exponential Utility Functions Aid Upstream Decision Making, v.27, p.1482-1494 (David Wood and Rasool Khosravanian)

Energy Finance and Economics. Analysis and Valuation, Risk Management, and the Future of Energy (2013). John Wiley & Sons (Kolb Series in Finance) 606 pages (Betty Simkins and Russell Simkins, Editors). Chapter 10 Petroleum Economics, Risk and Opportunity Analysis: Some Practical Perspectives, p.229-252 (David Wood)

World Oil, 2011 (October). Is the oil and gas industry adequately handling exposure to extreme risks? p.113-118 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2009 (9 Feb). Integrating High-level Upstream Opportunity & Risk Analysis with Global Perspectives p.20-26 (David Wood)

Hydrocarbon Processing, 2008 (December). Project Execution Risk Management for Addressing Constructability, p.35-42 (David Wood, Greg Lamberson & Saeid Mokhatab)

Hydrocarbon Processing, 2008 (June). Better Manage Risks of Gas-processing Projects, p.124-128 (David Wood, Greg Lamberson & Saeid Mokhatab)

Hydrocarbon Processing, 2007 (May). Energy Balances and Climate Change —Hard Choices for Asia (David Wood, Jagdish P. N. Giri & Saeid Mokhatab)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2004 (Jul 19). Options approach aids development decision for field in Colombia, p.38 -45 (Oscar Bravo & David Wood).

Oil & Gas Journal, 2003 (Oct 6). More aspects of E&P asset and portfolio risk analysis. Linked with digital executive report. p. 28-32 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 2003 (Sep 29). E&P asset & portfolio risk analysis: addressing a many faceted problem. Linked with digital executive report. p.49 -56 (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal Executive Report, 1999.  Analytical Methods In Petroleum Property Valuation: Integrating Probabilistic And Deterministic Techniques. (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 1999 (Nov 1).  Integrated Approach to Property Evaluation Improves Decision-making for Both Parties. (David Wood)

Oil & Gas Journal, 1993 (Nov 1).   Double Hedge Aids Commercial Terms of Upstream Asset Purchases. (David Wood)


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