David Wood & DWA Energy Limited


One of our key strengths is that we develop and tailor solutions to solve client problems using spreadsheet models driven by VBA macros, where possible. 

Modelling capabilities include: standard and risked cash flow analysis, a wide range of international oil and gas fiscal terms, quantified risk evaluation, debt service, sensitivity, Monte Carlo simulation, genetic optimization and simplex optimization, dynamic decision tree and a range of real and financial options analysis.

Our experience suggests that such "self-build" numerical modeling solutions based on standard spreadsheet software supported by custom built Visual basic for Applications (VBA) macros offer cost effectiveness, algorithm transparency, and provide useful learning and evaluation tools for individual and corporate use. 

The models can be structured to use output from, or provide input to, a large range of software tools commonly used by the industry. We use them routinely in our ongoing research, consulting and training work.

We provide general training for building business models using spreadsheets and VBA macros. This training can be structured for small or large groups, and in some cases delivered on a one-to-one basis at a mutually acceptable location.


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