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A glossary of widely used oil and gas terms and abbreviations, used to accompany some of our training courses, is available here to download:

Oil and Gas Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

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A selection of articles published by David Wood are listed below in reverse chronological order a small selection of recent articles are made available here as downloads:

2016: The natural gas sector is changing rapidly


2015: Supplier Selection for Development of Petroleum Industry Facilities, Applying Multi-criteria Decision Making Techniques Including Fuzzy and Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS with Flexible Entropy Weighting


2015: Exponential Utility Functions Aid Upstream Decision Making


2015: 3-D well path design using a multi- objective genetic algorithm


2014: Designing and optimizing deviated wellbore trajectories using novel particle swarm algorithms

Advances in performance optimization in the oil and gas industry (2014)

Virtual special issue: Optimization applications seeking to improve performance of natural gas reservoirs, production, processing and utilization: a selection of case studies. Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, 2014 (November). Optimization applications seeking to improve performance of natural gas reservoirs, production, processing and utilization: A selection of case studies, vol.21 p.A1-A3. (David A. Wood - Editor's introduction to virtual special issue).

Fiscal Designs for The Development of Alaska Natural Gas - A Preliminary Report by David Wood for the Alaska State Legislature (Legislative Budget & Audit Committee) November (2008):

      Executive Summary (Section 1.0)  

      Features and Recent Evolution of Alaska’s Prevailing Fiscal Design  (Section 3.1) 

      Overview & Conclusions of Modelling Alaska’s Fiscal Design for Natural Gas (Section 4.1) 

      Key Features of the Fiscal Designs Implemented by Gas Exporting Countries (Section 2.5) 

      Conclusions (Section 5.0) 

 Alaska Tax Reform Parts 1 and 2 (draft by Dan E. Dickinson and David Wood, OGJ - 2009)

Upstream Oil and Gas Fiscal Terms - Part 1 Petroleum Review February 2005  

Evaluation of Economic Performance of International E&P Fiscal Terms (Updated from 1990 Article) 


For more articles relating to oil and gas fiscal issues see: Fiscal Designs, Terms and Contract Negotiations


Gas to Liquids:

Gas-to-Liquids (GTL): a Review ... - JNGSE November 2012 



Global LNG Report- The Good. the Bad and the Over-budget - World Oil September 2014 (draft) 


A Review and Outlook for the Global LNG Trade - JNGSE November 2012  

Northern Australia's LNG Projects -CSR Challenges - OGEL March 2012   

Energy Institute Breakfast Briefing  - LNG FPSO Presentation - 2nd June 2009  


Floating gas liquefaction: Competing technologies make progress - E&P Magazine May 2009 


Liquefied Gas Floating Higher in the Water - Energy Tribune October 2008 


Australasia's Gas Liquefaction Plans - Energy Tribune June 2008   


Is the LNG Supply Chain Safe & Environmentally Friendly - ROGTEC October 2007  


Natural Gas Interchangeability in Focus as Sources of LNG Widen - LNG Journal February 2007  


Barents Sea Gas Liquefaction Approaches Reality at Snohvit - Innovation at a Price - ROGTEC January 2007  


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Global Gas Markets Petroleum Review February 2004  


For more articles relating to LNG issues see: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Technical & Commercial Analysis


Natural Gas:


The UK's Gas & Power Worries - Energy Tribune December 2008  


Russia's Gas Power Play [South Stream] - Energy Tribune August 2007  


Creating An Effective Gas Supply Network to Europe -Part 1 Petroleum Review December 2004  


Creating An Effective Gas Supply Network to Europe -Part 2 Petroleum Review January 2005  


For more articles relating to natural gas issues see: Natural Gas Supply


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM):


ERM: handling extreme risks - OGEL 6 Dec 2011


CSR: Back to 3BL (Triple Bottom Line) basics : corporate social responsibility (CSR) in danger of being misused by some oil and gas companies for public relations purposes. Petroleum Review, 2011 (September) p.30-32

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management - Part 1 Oil & Gas Journal March 2005  


Implementing Enterprise Risk Management - Part 2 Oil & Gas Journal March 2005  


For more articles relating to ERM issues see: Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Strategy & Performance


Project Management:

Risk Simulation Techniques to Aid Project Cost-Time Planning and Management - Risk Management: An International Journal 2002 


For more articles relating to project management issues see: Project Management, Planning & Simulations


Portfolio Optimisation:

Portfolio Valuation...Petroleum Economist June 2002  


For more articles relating to portfolio issues see: Portfolio Valuation and Modeling

Energy Issues:

Energy Balances and Climate Change —Hard Choices for Asia - Hydrocarbon Processing May 2007  

Fuel Retailing: Tough Environmental Standards - Petroleum Review: Retail Market Survey April 2007  

Consequences of a Heavier and Sourer Barrel - Petroleum Review April 2007 (April)  

For more articles relating to general energy issues see: Oil & Gas Price Drivers and Retail Fuel Trends


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